Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arizona Victims Of Medical Malpractice

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When a medical professional acts in a way that strays from standard procedures and inadvertently harms a patient, he can be sued by the patient for medical negligence. While most people would like to think that such negligence happens rarely, the problem is widespread and has already claimed thousands of lives. If you're a patient and have been treated by a health care practitioner and you suspect that you have sustained an illness or harmed as a result of their actions, you may be able to recover damages. Seek the services of a competent lawyer.My Name is Ginny Neal and I am also a Victim of Medical Malpractice in Arizona,and almost lost my life due to a Doctors negligence. dont' let this happen to you. There is help out there. I would love to hear your stories. Before making an appointment with a Physician go to the website to make sure there are no actions filed against the doctor. Here is the Website :

Here are some online support groups

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clinical negligence said...

No patient should have to be exposed to diagnosis-related negligence. When a medical professional or hospital acts negligently while providing care to a patient, it can result in a patient suffering great harm. Such delays can be very harmful, particularly when the medical condition in question is cancer.